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Infogym offers to you an extraordinary tool for the promotion of your mark and for your business. This site has a strong contents which generate an enormous traffic targeted. 


Advertising Areas :

We know the profile of our visitors and the typology of the audience of the site. The users of Infogym consult the site within their professional activity but also during their free time. They are connected starting from servers of the whole world : USA, Australia, Europe, Asia, Africa ..   

It includes more than 300 pages with updates daily of the headings. It is accessible in French, English, Spanish and from several url (.com, .org, .net ...) what will enable you to gear down the impact of your on line advertising campaigns. 

The audience of Infogym is increasing everyday so much on the level of the consultation of the pages and on the number of registered surfers to the newsletter, for the moment monthly (you can be able to use this support). 

Campaigns of banners per periods given (468 X 60 pixels, 10 kg) are most current. The commercial buttons (120 X 60 pixels, 5ko) are used to continue the effect of a campaign or if the budget is limited more. There are 8 standardized formats with various prices.


Writing of " informative advertising " articles : 

The articles and subjects are written by professionals of the health, which guaranteed the serious and objectivity. Files sets of health were published by the press with the assistance of our specialists.

To collaborate in the writing of our headings or to propose all other form of partnership. We are opened with any proposal.

Our principle topics: wellness, health, relaxation, fitness, diets, esthetics, beauty, nutrition, entertainment ...

Additional assets : relational simplicity, professional reactivity, the touch "to individual care ".   

We seek to foster our visitors loyalty. Consequently, we voluntarily limit the number of advertising displayed on our pages. Do not wait, the places are limited !



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