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Weight Trainings

Workouts require the use of equipment guided or not, of weight or free-weight. Actually, all work-out hardware are to the standards and guarantees a use in safety.

However, it's essential to learn how to use these equipment and the minimal safety requirements. In order to avoid traumatisms or injuries (rare) it will be necessary to adopt a good technique of execution of exercises, to use appropriate weights (our physical capacities are not the same), to use the equipment correctly, and to warm up enough (it must be long and progressive) before beginning sessions.


These are some exercises often practiced :

- Barbell press. Hardware : bench set, barbell.

- the horizontal adduction. Hardware : butterfly

- the sweater over. Hardware : flat bank

- elevations and others. Hardware : weight

- inflection-extensions of the arms. Hardware : sitted bank larry scott

- the work of the lower limbs. Hardware : squat guided or not

All these exercises can be done at home as for example the use of a fixed bar and weight for the body, pumps, abdominals ..

According to your objectives, you'll choose exercises which work muscles of chest, shoulders, arms, fronts arm, back, legs, abs ..


1 - Preliminary phase.

Preliminary phase. Before starting the practice of the weight training it is necessary to achieve a phase of learning how to do the movement correctly. This period of training will be to obtain a correct execution of the exercises and gestures, a good coordination, the automation of the movement. During the training it is judicious to use the working methods in the form of circuits training. In circuit training you'll will have three options: 

- alternate series.

You carry out series of several repetitions per workstation. You change of workstation according to the program established within your training routine. The whole stations constitute a circuit which you repeat several times.

- the grouped series. 

Same as above but you'll carry out several series of several repetitions per workstation. 

- the mixed series.

Alternative of two methods above in order to make the sessions more motivate and attractive.

2 - After the initial training phase :

The most suitable form of work will be the grouped series. Your muscles will be used to work with the increasingly heavy loads gradually (respect of the elementary conditions of security : warm-up, right position, correct execution of the movements).

You'll determine then the maximum load estimated, i.e. the maximum loading that one is able to lift, i.e. that the movement could be carried out only once with this load. On this point, it is advisable to draw your attention to the importance, at this time, of the presence of assistants or personal trainers. Not to try to determine its maximum loading alone. Specific precautions are to be taken : management of the loads, the repetitions, the general state of the practitioner, to make preliminary exercises of stretchings, warm-up, ...

Mathematical formulas exist in order to consider the maximum loading according to the load and of the number of repetitions (the maximum loading is equal to the load, divided by: 1.0278 - (0.0278 X the number of reps realized for this load) ). 

The maximum loading (only one possible repetition for a given load) is useful to follow your progression. It is enough to compare the results obtained over several periods. In the objective of increasing muscular volume or body-building, the loads will be of low intensity but repetitive.

In the objective of a muscular readjustment (correction of a bad postural attitude: "lordosis", which the term refers here to an exaggeration of the curvature of the concave lumbar region of the vertebral column ), you'll prefer the exercises which will compensate the bad postures and imbalances.


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