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Cardio Area

For better analyze, study and measurement of your training, it's essential to use heart rate monitors, or to train with equipment equiped with electronic monitors. From the input data (choice of the program, duration, weight, sex, level of training), these equipment will display results or curves (cardiac frequency, calories spent, distance covered, past time or remaining).

Equipment most often used are :

- Bikes.

- Stairs, steppers and others (simulation of go up the stairs).

- Oars (simulation of oar).

- treadmills (simulation of walk or run).

- Skiers (simulation of climbing in skiing).   

- Rollers skates.


All those activities can be practiced outdoor.


According to your personal objectives, first you'll choose the practice which you like the best. Then, you define duration, intensity of work, the cardiac frequency which is targeted. Concerning this last item, your personal trainer who take care of you, will be very useful if you are not an expert.

We will be able to develop your aerobic power (to improve your potential) or your aerobic endurance (maintaining the potential for a long duration). 

It exists various methods to develop these two physical capacities. 

Before employing one of these methods (a preliminary medical check up is recommended), the beginner will have to learn how to gradually request his system cardiovascular, respiratory, joints, and muscular. 

Cycles of continuous efforts (moderate intensity, short duration) will be alternate with cycles of intermittent efforts (intensity decreased to allow active recovery).



-  Continuous method. 

The body adapts itself to a work of which duration is increasingly long. This method makes it possible to improve your aerobic capacity and a reduction of fatty. The duration of exercise will be 20 to 45 minutes according to persons.

- Interval training. 

The goal is to improve your aerobic power by alternating cycles of active recovery (we maintains a slight physical activity) with the operating cycles. Cycles can be short or long.

- Alternate paces. 

The objective is to develop the power and the aerobic capacity by temporarily increasing (to limit the duration) the speed of execution of the exercise in cycles of long duration.

- Split. 

This method concern experienced people for a competition. The effort provided is broken up into several fractions. The fractions are repeated several times of following a lower intensity, equal or higher than the intensity than it will be necessary to provide for the competition. Between each fraction rest must be completed.


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