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Collective Sessions

Collective activities practiced in sessions are very numerous. Each year, new concepts are imported or developed.

It appears convenient " to explain " to you, this technical vocabulary as well as the contents and the objectives of these collective sessions. Do Not forget that you can combine these activities with the weight training, the cardio training with equipment (bicycle ...) in order to obtain more effectiveness.


The choice is possible between three levels of difficulty (beginning, intermediary, advanced) i.e. a more or less complicated choreography and a more or less fast musical rate/rhythm (B.P.M.).

Physical culture or gym traditional :

It of acts of a generalized muscular work. We can use accessories (stick, weights, step, rubber bands.) but that is not obligatory. Stretching, muscular toning up, of all the body.

Step :

Which uses an accessory, the step, which is a kind of functioning adjustable in height according to required level of difficulty. We seeks in this type of course muscular work and cardio vascular. The exercises develop coordination, the breath. There are many choreographies based on the rise and the descent of the step, in music, by coordinate the movement of the arms and the legs.

Low impact aerobic or L.I.A. :

You need no hardware but simply the coordination of the arms and the legs in space (front, back, lateral) with rhythmic music. There are no high impacts (jumps ...) which spare the joints. This session is studied within the framework of a cardio work of endurance type. These exercises develop coordination and reaches a good energy expenditure.

High impact aerobic or H.I.A. :

The session is based on the same techniques as L.I.A. but adds jumps.

High-Low impact or Hi-Low :

Combination of High and Low Impact aerobics which makes it possible to develop coordination and a good cardio training work.

Le biking, spinning, cycling, according brand marks (bike) :

It is about a cardiovascular exercise which uses bicycle. You adjust the level of difficulty with the resistance of the wheels. You need different types of music in order to change the intensity of the effort. This exercise brings muscular reinforcement, supports the loss of weight.

Pump :

It is a method of weight training based on a very specific choreography and music. You need weights and a step.

Stretching :

The sessions goal is to improve muscular elasticity and joint mobility. Stretching helps recuperation after the effort and makes it possible to avoid certain muscular injuries.

Aqua-gym or gym aquatic:

You use the resistance of water in order to reinforce your musculature with care. Muscular toning up is sought.

Specific courses for slim :

There is a significant number of collective courses which goal is to work a specific body area. According to the localization of muscles to be worked, these methods carry different names but the guiding principle remains the same one : muscular reinforcement, toning up, hardening muscles. You need hardware (rubber bands, weights ...)

- Body sculpt : Muscular reinforcement in-depth, in order to harden the all body.

- A.W.B. (abs waist buttocks) : You train during the session abdominals, the buttocks, the size.

- Body walk : You work cardio system by using the fast walk (moving or without). You develop also the endurance.

- Back training : The goal is to soften and stretch the spinal column. You use techniques which allow a good or a better position of the back and pelvis in the everyday life.

- Abs-glutei sessions : abdominal and gluteus muscles.


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